Peck Family Foundation

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The purpose of the Norton L. and Barbara Peck Family Foundation is for family members to work together to support each other's efforts to better the lives of those less fortunate.  We are grateful for the opportunities we have been afforded and through the example and guidance of Norton and Barbara, we have been instilled with the responsibility to share and support these values with others. 


The Peck Family Foundation is the legacy of Norton L. and Barbara B. Peck.  Upon the sale of Pacific Metal Company, Norton and Barbara encouraged their children to contribute a portion of their proceeds into a common fund which would become the Peck Family Foundation.  The process of incorporation followed and in 1999 the Foundation was launched with Norton Peck as President, Roger Peck as Vice-President, Don Peck as Treasurer, Sue Hall as secretary and Barbara Peck as Corresponding Secretary.  The initial value of the Foundation was $406,426.19.  

It was Norton and Barbara's desire that the Foundation not only continue it's philanthropic work, but instill a sense of compassion and responsibility in their large and inclusive family.  In honor of their legacy, the Peck Family Foundation has grown to include 43 family members representing communities all across the country.

Barbara loved nothing more than to see her family gather, not only to better the lives of others, but to rejoice in the love, joy, and compassion shown toward each other.  Her greatest joy was to witness the cohesiveness of her family.